OEM Integration

Factory (OEM) head-units have evolved into fully integrated entertainment hubs, interconnected with vehicle controls, safety system displays and other critical vehicle functions. The days of “replacing the radio” are long-gone, and instead, we are required to work with the vehicle’s OEM source unit integrating other functions into the system like parking sensors, reverse cameras and sound system upgrades using line output converters or DSP (digital signal processor) enabling us to add in amplifiers and subwoofers into the factory system.

we can supply a reversing camera that simply fits in with the existing fittings of your vehicle.

Typically these integrate with factory or aftermarket navigation systems and automatically provide an image on screen upon engaging reverse gear. Combined with a wide field of view of up to 170 degrees, infra-red LED’s for improved low light vision and a discreet design these are certainly the safest and proven method for reversing.

Here at Dream Ice we also add Apple Carplay into the Porsche pcm OEM stereo adding all the functionality that Apple Carplay brings without changing expensive components or