Window Tinting

Having window tints applied to your vehicle has many advantages and can protect you and your passengers from various potential hazards.

  • Privacy from unwanted prying eyes, protecting your passenger and possessions.
  • Reduces solar heat and Glare, therefore improving driver and passenger comfort
  • Removes 99% of dangerous UV rays which are harmful to all, especially children and pets.
  • Prevents interior fading, upholstery cracking.
  • In the unfortunate event of an accident window film will reduce the risk of injury as broken glass will partly be held together by the film.
  • it will totally enhance the look of your vehicle!

Our automotive range is of the highest quality  available. The stylish and high performing films are anti-fade, non-metalized and offer superior optical clarity.

We offer 4 main shades and we can advise you on which shade would best suit your requirements

LIGHT SMOKE (60%) – A subtle hint of a tint

MEDIUM SMOKE (40%)- An executive finish

DARK SMOKE (20%) – Factory finish

LIMO BLACK (5%) – Ultimate privacy

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our application and product that’s how confident we are!