Ceramic Coating & Detailing Packages

We offer many different packages at Dream Ice suited to the customer’s individual requirements. From a standard detailing package up to full Ceramic packages. We also offer a Ceramic wax option which is cheaper than the full coating package.
The price depends on things like: size of the vehicle, condition of the paintwork  and the amount of surfaces you would like us to coat (paint, glass, wheels, interior etc)

***ALL packages include a basic wash and decontamination***


(all paint imperfections must be corrected before we begin Ceramic Pro application as they will be preserved under the ceramic coating and can only be fixed by completely removing the coating)


The first video below shows a VW T6.1 which had a full package applied including the glass, headlights, wheels, interior as well as the paint correction and ceramic coating applied.

The second video at the bottom of the page is a visual representation to show the difference with ceramic coating applied.