Exclusive to DMX 9720XDS Hi Quality 1/3.8 inch Camera, Front / rear. Colour. Wide Angle. Advanced image processor with 9m cord.


Key Features

Rear / Front Camera for DMX9720XDS
High-Definition Imaging (1280 x 720px)
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
IP67 Waterproof and dustproof
Wide angle lens, focal length: 1.86mm F:2.0
Horizontal 180°/ Vertical 103° angles of view
HD-TVI output signal
Total cable lenght: 9 meter


HD Rear / Front Camera for DMX9720XDS

WVGA versus CMOS-740HD illustration


HD Rear Camera Realizing High-Definition Imaging:
The 180° horizontal wide-angle image is displayed on the receiver in HD image quality. With this camera, you can park safely with an easy view of the rear. CMOS-740HD can be connected to the DMX9720XDS. Thanks to HD-TVI technology, HD videos can be transmitted and displayed on the HD display of the receivers using an analog RCA cable.


HDR (High Dynamic Range)

NightVisio_WVGA versus CMOS-740HD illustration


— Reducing “Blown out Highlights” and “Crushed Blacks” —
HDR helps to reduce “blown out highlights” and “crushed blacks” and ensure clear images in challenging environments, including backlit scenes in daylight, streetlight scenes at night and places where light-dark contrast is particularly severe.