Welcome to the Dream Ice blog

Dream Ice was just an idea back in 2005 but in 2007 we turned the idea into reality,  opening in December of that year from our first unit in Hinckley.  After success with In Car Entertainment we wanted to be able to offer more to our customers.  It was in 2017 we found potential for further growth.  With this in mind we moved in 2018 to a premises 4 times the size to accomplish what we needed so that we could offer the services that our customers required.

Now moving forward towards another goal we have decided to start this blog page where we will be keeping up to date with new exciting products coming soon,  doing some product reviews of our own, product recommendations for specific jobs,  keeping build logs of some of our larger projects and custom work and also helping out with some of your jobs with ” How to ” guides.

Anything you would like to see please comment and let us know.

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