Stinger Select SSK4ANL 1000W Complete 4 Gauge Flexible Amplifier Wiring Kit


Select SSK4ANL –  4 Gauge 1000W Complete AMP Wiring Kit


Stinger Select’s fuse holders feature quality construction for better system performance and efficiency. The satin finish rejects corrosion and enhances conductivity. Large setscrews make connections tight and reliable for system longevity. Pair with SS ANL fuses for reliable system protection.

  • ANL Fuseholder 1/0GA or 4GA Inputs
  • Satin Silver Finish
  • 4-gauge kit
  • 17ft matte blue CCA ultraflexible power wire
  • 3ft matte gray CCA ultraflexible ground wire
  • 17ft twisted-pair OFC RCA interconnect
  • 17ft blue remote turn-on wire
  • 20ft matte blue CCA ultraflexible speaker wire
  • 1-piece, high-current ANL fuseholder with 100A fuse