2008 Shelby Mustang GT-C Revival

When we recieved this car for the work to commence we didn’t know quite what a special car this was. This Shelby Mustang has a little story attached to it. The car came in black which looked good, however the customer (which was a dealership) explained that in order for this to go to aution it would need to be closer to standard.  After a lot of research, we found that this is a special version of the Fifth-Gen Shelby Mustang GT, created for Californian dealers (hence the ‘C’), only 215 GT-Cs were made, all in Grabber Orange. The cars rolled off the Flat Rock, Michigan assembly line like any other Mustang, but were sent for special treatment at Shelby American in Las Vegas.

The specs varied, but this one is nicely kitted out with a 5.0-litre supercharged V8.  It’s also fitted with a Ford FR3 Racing pack, which gives you new dampers, stiffer springs and beefier anti-roll bars.  Inside, there’s a Hurst short-throw shift kit for the five-speed manual gearbox, complete with a natty cue ball gear knob.  The finishing touch is a signature on the passenger-side sun visor from the late Carroll Shelby himself. It also has only one former owner which was Manchester City footballer Vincent Kompany and only has an incredible 2978 miles on the clock.

So the heat was on with this one and we ended up with a pretty crazy deadline for the work too. The car came into this country in Grabber Orange and was then wrapped matt black for its only owner, this was later removed and it was repainted in gloss black which is where we would be taking over. The car needed to go back to Grabber Orange and have its decals replaced. Once all the panels were removed, it was repaired where needed and sanded down to give us a good key for the next process. Once in the booth, it’s masked up ready for primer to give us a good base we can trust to put the topcoat onto. We block the primer down to make sure the base for the topcoat is perfectly flat and free from imperfections. Five coats of Grabber Orange basecoat later, it is ready for the clearcoat.

Once cleared, the car is baked in the oven to cure the paint ready for colour sanding and polishing. Then onto building the car back up, attaching the panels and other parts we previously removed. The next stage would be the decals that are satin silver that just finish the car off perfectly.

Once it was all completed we fully detailed the car to make sure it was looking good and fresh as it was off for a photoshoot with some other rare classic Shelby Mustangs. It would then go onto the dealership to be put ready for auction. This would be an incredible example to put into someone’s collection if they were in the market for one and will only appreciate from now on.

Heres a few shots of the finished car we finished in just over a week.

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