Pioneer MIXTRAX: Your In-Car DJ

Designed for the music loving, club going audience, Pioneer’s newest technology MIXTRAX gives you the closest option to having a DJ sat on your dashboard.

MIXTRAX takes music from an iPod/iPhone or USB/SD device plugged into the unit and plays it back with added transitions and effects, like a virtual DJ!

Using the Pioneer MIXTRAX software, music is analysed and various musical attributes are identified. The advanced analysis of the software identifies the best transition points of each music track and mixes them together upon playback.

Mixstyle can also be selected from Active, Simple and Standard. This adjusts the intensity of the effects and transitions as well as the transition points in each song.

As part of Pioneer’s brand new range of car stereos for 2012, the DEH-6400BT Bluetooth CD Receiver has a simple version of the MIXTRAX technology built-in for non-stop music mixing in your car. Featured effects include Flanger, Echo and Cross-Fade transitions in addition to 6 sound effects. As MIXTRAX works it also changes the illumination colour on the buttons and display of the unit to create your very own club atmosphere! The DEH-6400BT also includes a high-power 4x50w amplifier, SD card slot, USB port ready for iPod/iPhone, AUX input for MP3 player connectivity as well as Bluetooth Hands-Free calling technology by Parrot.

All of this technology packed into a compact headunit for only £132.99! Available from the end of February, call to reserve yours for home delivery today!

Don’t forget to check out the video below for a demonstration of the MIXTRAX in action.

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