Rockford Fosgate proves size doesn’t matter with the PBR300X4

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Review

Technology in the car audio world is constantly evolving, the gradual integration of digital products from a introductory level upwards has also revolutionised the market in both price and performance. In particular manufacturers of amplifiers have had to ensure the features of a product meet raising demand, but for a competitive price.

pbr300x4 penny

Amplifiers have typically been designed as Class A/B or Class D efforts, but now Rockford Fosgate has introduced a new miniature amplifier design they have designated Class BR. Featuring a simple, compact chassis, high efficiency and quality sound production, the Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 is the 4 channel brother to the mono PBR300X1. Measuring a mere 3.88cm x 10.79cm x 17.14cm the physical size of this amplifier is truely compact but thanks to the Rockford Fosgate Boosted Rail Technology™, an RMS power rating of 300w is achieved on the single channel PBR300X1 @ 1 ohm or an impressive 75w x 4 @ 4 ohms is available on the PBR300X4.

pbr300x4 angle
The power connections are achieved through the use of a 3 pin Molex connector for power, ground and remote while two further 4 pin Molex connectors allow connection of 4 individual speakers. Signal input to the PBR300X4 is through another two 4 pin Molex connectors that come complete with RCA connections ready for an RCA cable straight to the headunit. On vehicles that may have factory headunits still installed, connection to speaker level inputs is possible by simply snipping off the RCA’s and wiring the high level outputs directly to the wiring harness.

pbr300x4 top

Despite having limited space on the PBR300X4 for controls and level adjustments, two gain pots, high/low crossover switches and a pot for adjusting the sensitivity of the automatic DC signal sensing turn-on circuit are present in addition to a switch for changing between 2 channel or 4 channel modes. Thermal, low voltage and short circuit protection are also built into this feature packed amplifier. The PBR300X1 also features an RJ45 style socket for the additional connection of a Punch EQ remote.

pbr300x4 connections

The PBR300X4 is certainly a revolutionary step forward in terms of amplifier technology, and Rockford Fosgate has set the target for such a small design packing an unbelievably high output under its PUNCH range of amplifiers. In vehicles where available space is an issue or you just want your new install to be as discreet as possible, the PBR300X4 and PBR300X1 would be an ideal amplifier to go under the seat or behind the dashboard. The compact size of this amplifier has also meant that it has become popular with motorcycle installs, especially in the United States.

As an authorised Rockford Fosgate dealer, Dream-Ice has the Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 in stock now at our Hinckley showroom as well as being available for immediate dispatch on our online shop alongside the PBR300X1. Contact us on 01455 617374 to discuss your requirements today.

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